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The administrative vice-rector and deans from the UES accompanies COSSAN on a tour where the Central American Village will be located

The head of Infrastructure for COSSAN, Rolando Ayala; the administrative vice-rector from the University of El Salvador (UES), Juan Rosa Quintanilla; and nine deans from the faculties located at the central campus of the Alma Mater, visited the buildings that will serve as the Central American and Caribbean Village during the upcoming XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

“We toured each faculty to see the final part of the project, explained them what is projected as COSSAN so that, they could inform about the available spaces, any place that should remain active like the research laboratories or any other requirement they may need”, said Ayala after the activity.


Recently, the Legislative Assembly approved amendments to the Budget Law to allocate $30 million to the Ministry of Public Works, to be invested in rebuilding works within the UES. The aim is to have the best infrastructure for rest, food and recreation of the athletes. These buildings will become a legacy of the games for all university students.

Most faculties have already left the facilities, said Ayala, since 22 buildings will be remodeled to house the international delegations for the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

These buildings will also be furnished with beds, bathrooms and showers, air conditioning, hot water, desks, among others.


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