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The artistic swimming team will train in Mexico prior to the San Salvador 2023 Games

This week, Salvadorans Cesia Castaneda and Grecia Mendoza traveled to Guadalajara, Mexico, to participate in a training camp as part of their preparation for the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

The delegation is completed by athletes Daira Sánchez, Dayanara Magaña, Brigitte Guadrón, Brandy Alvarado, Gabriela Morán, María Argueta, Andrea Mercado, and Gabriela Mercado; who will be joining Castaneda and Mendoza on February 7th.

The national trainer, Jenny Velis, claimed that one of the main goals of the training camp, that will be extended to April 1st, is to attain a higher technical level prior to San Salvador 2023, where they hope to earn medals.

“We’re looking to work on the technical part with this team, to achieve a higher level of execution in each routine; all of it with our participation in San Salvador 2023 in mind. Our goals are to get a place on the podium and to qualify for the Pan American Games Santiago 2023”, Velis stated.

Nonetheless, the trainer reminded that this is the first time in this sport in which a Salvadoran athlete participates twice in two consecutive editions of the Central American and Caribbean Games.

“Grecia is the only team member that competed in Barranquilla, Colombia, in 2019. Becoming in the first artistic swimming athlete in our country to participate for the second time in a row in the Central American and Caribbean Games. It is important to highlight that, after 20 years, we’re finally back to team competitions”, the trainer stated.

Jenny also explained that she will work along Mexican trainer Mariana Cienfuegos to supervise the training sessions the best way possible.

“Mariana will be supporting me in Mexico, she has always worked with Salvadoran athletes whenever we find ourselves in Mexican soil. Starting February, until the Pan American Games, she will be part of the coaching staff of the national artistic swimming team of El Salvador”, Velis  claimed.

On the other hand, the strategist explained that the training program will be executed six times a week, with participation in two local competitions.

“Training will take place from Monday to Saturday, with double sessions daily. Eight hours a day. Also, they will be participating in Jalisco’s Festival, March 2nd through the 5th, and in the State of Mexico Cup that will take place between March 16th and March 20th”, Jenny confirmed.

The national artistic swimming team is scheduled to present six routines in San Salvador 2023: solo technical and free, duet technical and free, and team technical and free

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