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The breastfeeding room in the village received the approval.

Every detail has been taken care in Villa Centroamericana y del Caribe, so it could not miss the breastfeeding room, which yesterday received the endorsement of the office of the first lady of the republic, Gabriela de Bukele.

“On April 13th, 2023, the Law of Love became Food for the Promotion, Protection, and Support of Breastfeeding, and in some very important articles, it states that all spaces, both public and private, must have a breastfeeding room”. explained Elisa Gamero, coordinator of health and nutrition projects at the Office of the First Lady.

Gamero explained that if within our delegations there are athletes who are breastfeeding their babies and want to express their milk and preserve it, they will have a space, as in the case of Laura Molina in beach volleyball.

“She is in that condition; I think she will be the first athlete who will use it, but it is also a historic moment because the University of El Salvador will become the first to comply with the law and have its own lactation room,” she said.

The coordinator of projects and health and nutrition did not hesitate to say that it has been thought of with much love, which left her impressed from the moment she entered, especially because it has cubicles that give enough privacy to women but also two counseling rooms and a space for changing tables, as required by law.

“They have set the bar higher than expected because they have taken care of every detail. It gives us a lot of joy and looking at it also from the mission entrusted to us by the First Lady, women definitely go through a process of breastfeeding our children, but it is only a stage,” she said.

Elisa emphasized that this does not inhibit them from being able to be full in other spheres of life, and with the breastfeeding room located in the Central American and Caribbean village, it shows that we can have high-performance athletes who can breastfeed their children.

“For all women in El Salvador, it is good to know that we have a support network in the community, in the family, and in the university that supports us and will continue to accompany us in this process,” she explained.

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