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The Chief of the Mission Seminar for the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 kicked off in an optimistic atmosphereE

The San Salvador 2023 Heads of Mission Seminar was held today in an atmosphere full of positivism and joy, with the attendance of 34 delegates from the 37 countries that will participate in the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

The table of honor for the event was formed by Yamil Bukele, president of the Organizing Committee of the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 (COSSAN2023); Luis Mejía Oviedo, president of Centro Caribe Sports (CCS); Armando Bruni, president of the Olympic Committee of El Salvador (COES); Dinora Acevedo, general director of the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023; and Francisco Ávalos, director of the Municipal Institute of Sports and Recreation of the Mayor’s Office of San Salvador.

“As the Organizing Committee it is our turn to be good hosts, and we Salvadorans are that. I have seen videos and photos of your arrivals at the airport and of your smiles, and we are definitely sure that we are going to enjoy it, and all of this begins with your arrival,” Bukele commented.

For his part, Bruni highlighted the work of the Organizing Committee since the host country was awarded the venue until today, when the Chiefs of Mission Seminar began. “As the Olympic Committee we are happy and grateful to Centro Caribe Sports for the confidence it has placed in the country to grant the venue and to the president of the Organizing Committee who has led in record time all this effort to organize these games,” he said.

The president of CCS, Luis Mejía, expressed his satisfaction with the high level of organization of the Chiefs of Mission Seminar and congratulated COSSAN2023 for the organization of the event.

“I saw the reception of you at the same level that is going to be given to the high officials, and it is very well done. I congratulate you. This assembly is at the same level as when we do an event in our assemblies. An Organizing Committee that has this vision is on the right track,” said Mejía during his speech at the opening ceremony.

For her part, the general director of COSSAN, Dinora Acevedo, called on the Chiefs of Mission to join the Organizing Committee as allies, contributing their experiences from previous competitions in order to organize the best regional games in history.

“We need you, Chiefs of Mission, to be part of this resource that will help us in this final stretch to organize the best games in the region. We ask you to be allies, to be part of this team, not only to consult us, to observe us, and to offer us suggestions, so that all that experience from previous events can be deposited in this human resource that I deign to direct in order to provide the best service and high-quality games. For me, the games have started today with you here,” said Acevedo as she welcomed the mission chiefs.

This seminar is a prelude to the regional event that will take place in our country from June 23 to July 8, and in which the international delegates were provided with first-hand information on the progress in the organization of the regional competition that El Salvador is holding for the third time in its history.

“Enjoy El Salvador, enjoy its food, enjoy its people, ask what you have to ask, but above all, have a good time and have fun, because the arms of El Salvador will be open to you at all times. And hopefully, not only during the games, but afterward, this will always be for you a destination where you can come to visit your Salvadoran family”, said the president of COSSAN2023.


The program of activities of the Chiefs of Mission includes tours, tomorrow, of sports venues and the Villa Centroamericana y del Caribe, which will house the athletes for San Salvador 2023.

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