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“The difference I see in Merliot is from heaven to earth”: water polo ITD

Manuel de Jesús Benítez, International Technical Delegate (ITD) for water polo, visited the Complejo Deportivo Ciudad Merliot, La Libertad, this morning.

The Puerto Rican was impressed with the progress in the construction of works for the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023, which begin in a month.

“I am very impressed. I visited this Merliot facility last year, and the difference I see is from heaven to earth; they have made great progress with the facilities,” said Benitez after more than two hours of inspecting the multi-sport complex.

Rodolfo Mena and René Martínez, executive assistant to the president and general director of INDES, respectively, accompanied Benítez during his tour, the last one before the San Salvador 2023 Games begin.

“With God’s favor, we will be ready for water polo and swimming; these facilities will be a great legacy,” said the Puerto Rican, who also recalled that San Salvador 2023 will serve as a qualifier for world events and the Olympics.

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