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The Games have a touch of spirituality

Regardless of whether they wish to meditate or pray, whether they are Catholic or Evangelical, athletes participating in the San Salvador 2023 Games have a place to be at peace with themselves in the meditation room at the Villa Centroamericana y del Caribe.

“It is known as the meditation area, but in reality there are three different spaces, one is the meditation area, another is the Catholic and the evangelical,” explained Maribel Hernandez, responsible to finalize the details of this area.

With much passion and pride for how the three rooms are set up, Maribel explained that each of the areas is prepared to receive 20 visitors simultaneously.

“The Catholic prayer chapel is more than anything to come to sit and pray, to meditate, there will be no masses, it is a prayer chapel,” she said, adding that this situation also applies to the area reserved for those who profess the evangelical religion.

According to him, the three areas will be open 24 hours a day, since volunteers will be in charge of taking care of and helping the athletes, who do not have to make reservations, but simply arrive when they consider it appropriate.

“The meditation room is to come to relax, to meditate, to get in balance, in harmony, to lower stress. For an athlete it is necessary, this is for people who are used to meditate and for those who want to come and be in silence,” she commented.

Maribel clarified that in each of the areas, the door will be closed, so that there is privacy for the athletes, but the meditation area has an extra detail.

“There will be a person in charge of asking them to take off their shoes outside, to leave them tidy”, said Hernandez, who added that “here there is aromatherapy, essential oils of different aromas and plants, to help them relax, to calm and balance”.

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