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The President of COSSAN2023, Yamil Bukele, presented to the Sports Cabinet the progress made in the organization of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games

The president for the Organizing Committee of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023, Yamil Bukele, presented this morning to the Sports Cabinet the advances in the organization of the regional competition, which will start next June 23rd.

Bukele, accompanied by Carolina Recinos, Chief of the Cabinet; the Minister of Culture, Mariemm Pleitez; and the Press Secretary of the Presidential House, Ernesto Sanabria; provided the representatives of the government institutions with a wide report on the logistics that are being used, as well as a detailed plan for the intervention of sports venues and budgets.

“Today we come with the games organization team to present an update on what we are doing. We are all, in some way, going to be involved in the games”, Bukele told the Sports Cabinet.


Yamil Bukele, President of COSSSAN2023.

To give an idea on the magnitude of the upcoming sporting event, President Bukele explained that only at the University of El Salvador, that will operate as the Central American and Caribbean Village, 400 thousand plates of food will be served, without counting the intervention that will be made in 22 buildings, in which rooms will be installed with their respective furniture, air conditioning, hot water, beds, as well as the respective batteries showers and toilets.

“How much time do we have? as of today, 7 months. We assumed the responsibility that normally it takes four or five years to do all this,” the president of INDES explained.

Dinora Acevedo, General Director of COSSAN2023, presented the progress made to date and highlighted, among other points, that there is a contract for the games to have the latest technology to allow the winners of the different competitions to be announced worldwide and in real time.


Dinora Acevedo, COSSAN2023 General Director.

The Chief of Cabinet, Carolina Recinos, acknowledged the progress that has been made in the organization of the games, and promised the president of COSSAN2023 all the support from the government entities to ensure the success of the games..

Yamil Bukele, president of COSSAN2023; Carolina Recinos, Chief of Cabinet; Mariemm Pleitez, Minister of Culture; and Ernesto Sanabria, Press Secretary for the Presidential House.

“They have made a lot of progress, and now we have more details of the overview,” said Recinos, who reminded that a strategy of government action is planned to support COSSAN203.

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