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“The San Salvador 2023 Games are an opportunity for women to shine”: Irene Aguiar

Spaniard advisor Irene Aguiar delivered a lecture on “women’s sports and their challenges”, promoted by the Organizing Committee of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games COSSAN2023.

The discussion was aimed at the staff of COSSAN, the National Sports Institute of El Salvador (INDES) and athletes in general, who were pleased to receive the presentation of the distinguished speaker and lawyer.

“The Central American and Caribbean Games are an opportunity for women to shine,” said Aguiar prior to the start of the conference, which was widely attended at the auditorium of the National Museum of Anthropology (MUNA).

He added: “I know that the women of El Salvador have even better results than the male athletes,” said Aguiar.

The talk was attended by the general director of COSSAN2023, Dinora Acevedo, who highlighted the importance of these events because they motivate Salvadoran women, especially athletes.

“This talk is of utmost importance for both COSSAN and INDES staff. It is important to attain equality for women both in sports and in sports administration,” stressed the COSSAN2023 leader.

Roxana Fajardo, a bowling athlete, attended the talk accompanied by her son, which she described as interesting and thanked the organizers of this type of event.

“To be honest, it is great to let people know what it takes for us to be athletes and mothers, and the seminar (which takes place before the games) motivates us and makes us enthusiastic so that the girls in any sport can excel,” said Fajardo.

Satisfied COSSAN employees

Heysi Juárez, coordinator of the Translation Department, says that the lecture has provided them with the tools they need to succeed in any field.

“It is very important for us women to know current data because we often tend to have certain impasses in developing ourselves, especially in the sports field. This is definitely new knowledge, but we will have more tools to define our future,” said Juarez.

Katherine Acevedo, technician of the Infrastructure Department, said that with the presentation they can learn more about what the athletes experience and thanked COSSAN2023 for organizing this type of event.

“It is important for us to know what we are working on, to know in depth, to understand better what the athletes experience and how they perform. I think it’s good that COSSAN is interested in us,” Acevedo said.

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