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The Sports Festival brought joy and fun to the bike path

This Sunday morning, the Sports Festival organized by the Volunteers Program of the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 was held on the bike path of the Boulevard Constitución.

In this festival, the families that attend the bike path every Sunday were able to share a moment of healthy recreation, fun, games, dances, exhibitions, and various activities.

The Volunteers Program has been very active, bringing the illusion and enthusiasm of our San Salvador 2023 Games to Salvadoran families as a lead-up to what will be the oldest regional sporting event in the world, which will be held for the third time in the Salvadoran capital.

Raquel Flores, one of the people in charge of the dance classes, was delighted to participate in activities such as these.

“I love to convey dynamism, joy, and sports, and what better way to do it than with all ages? With the ladies, we were enjoying aerobic dance, a bit of everything, and it was very exciting,” said Flores.

The instructor also said she was excited about the San Salvador 2023 Games, partly because she was an athlete herself and understands the true value of a competition like this.

“We are very happy and amazed that the athletes are visiting us. We are encouraged that everything will go well and that we will put a lot of energy into it because it will be a very challenging but motivating process. Since I was a little girl, I have liked sports. I was an INDES athlete. I was in high jump, long jump, hurdles, and ball throwing. Currently, I help the elderly, I teach courses and dance classes, and we also work with people with disabilities,” she said.

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