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The stage is set for the debut of the best chess in the region

On Monday afternoon, the International Technical Delegate (ITD) for chess, Salvadoran Erick Hernandez, who also acts as international chess arbiter and treasurer of the Chess Confederation for America, visited the facilities of the Best Western Plus Hotel Terraza with the objective of conducting a final evaluation of the venue of this sport for the next Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

During the visit, the delegate was able to verify the distribution of the competition area, the people flow areas, the location of the mixed zones, press rooms, as well as the logistics of the awards ceremony, among other important aspects.

According to Hernandez, the facilities have all the necessary conditions for chess to be played in the San Salvador 2023 Games.

“We can guarantee that the required conditions are met for the chess discipline. We will have 64 participants in a well-lit, spacious room with all the comforts and conditions that will provide them with the basics and everything the player needs: concentration, a large table, and the necessary sports equipment”, commented Hernandez.

The Salvadoran noted that the hotel has already hosted numerous chess competitions, and he has no doubt that it will be at the height of the regional sporting event. “This is the second visit we have made to this hotel; it definitely has all the conditions; it has a history of hosting much more numerous competitions; and it meets all the technical regulations to have a good chess competition”, he said.

This sport will make its debut at the Central American and Caribbean Games in the Salvadoran capital and will have the participation of 64 of the best chess players in the region, both male and female. Hernández valued this and emphasized that chess will bring even more medals than sports with greater social mass.

“It is important that in a competition with so many participating federations, chess is part of the medal list as such. Chess will contribute with 8 gold, 8 silver, and 8 bronze medals. If we analyze it, it will award more medals than soccer, for example. We may not have the same number of fans, but I am sure that people will be watching the 16 qualified countries, both men and women”, he said.

According to Hernández, the San Salvador 2023 Games will also include a visit from the president of the International Chess Federation (FIDE), Russian economist Arkadi Dvorkóvich.

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