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The Volunteering Program of COSSAN 2023 appeals to USAM Students

Having practiced taekwondo, and with the desire to be part of the country’s sport history, Merari Flores, a medical student from Universidad Salvadoreña Alberto Masferrer (USAM), signed up for the Volunteering Program of the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023. 

“I signed up being mindful of the experience I may get to live; it will be unique. Plus, I love the sport. I practiced taekwondo four years ago, I did not get to be a federated athlete due to the pandemic, so I had to retire. Now, I have this opportunity, and I would like to be a volunteer for the competitions in this sport”, Flores expressed.

In this regard, Merari commented that part of the information she received about the functions of a volunteer for the Games convinced her to sign up.

“They explained what our function could be within the Games in case we were selected, and in which areas we can work. Truth be told, it’s really nice to think that we will be part of the organizing staff of this sports event”, the medical student commented.

On her part, Gretel Novoa, also a medical student, confirmed that the idea of signing up to the Volunteering Program of the Games was present in her yearly agenda since the opportunity was announced.

“We came in with the idea of signing up, but we had our doubts on what it was all about. They explained what the work of a volunteer is, and that convinced us in the end. We’re hoping it will be a great experience. I love to collaborate, and I hope to do it in soccer”, Novoa commented. 

Yesterday, the Volunteering Program staff of COSSAN20023 visited USAM to inform and sign students up.

Along these lines, more than 100 students decided to participate in the oldest sports event of the continent, that will start on June 23rd with the opening ceremony at the Jorge “Mágico” González National Stadium.

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