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The women’s basketball preliminary team will train in the Dominican Republic

The ad honorem president of the National Sports Institute of El Salvador (INDES) and president of the Salvadoran Basketball Federation (Fesabal), Yamil Bukele, paid a visit to the El Salvador women’s basketball preliminary team, which continues its preparation for the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

It was the last practice of the national team, beneficiary of our Effort and Glory Program, prior to their trip to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, for a training camp.

The head of the Fesabal wished the players success in their preparation for the regional tournament. “They are going to a training camp; take advantage of it because there is a tough challenge ahead. I wish them luck and success; we will be rooting for them here,” he emphasized.

The national team, coached by Ray Santana and assisted by Ernesto Rodríguez, will be in the Dominican Republic from June 1 to 7.

“We are supporting all the national teams and individual athletes with the Effort and Glory Program. The women’s national team will have a camp in the Dominican Republic, where they will be able to spend 24 hours a day preparing and refining in the last phase of preparation for the Central American and Caribbean Games,” commented the president of INDES.

In the Dominican Republic, the El Salvador national team will play against the local national team and some other teams as part of their training camp for the San Salvador 2023 Games.

In the regional competition, the women’s team will face Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Costa Rica. The other group is made up of Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Guatemala, which will compete under the Centro Caribe Sports flag.

“They will face several teams and the Dominican Republic national team. Afterward, they will return to the country to play against the Virgin Islands and the Dominican Republic,” Bukele informed from the court of the Complejo Deportivo de la Universidad Tecnológica (UTEC).

Coach Ray Santana said that in the next few days they will define the roster for the games, which will consist of 17 players.

“It is a process with young players, and the work is focused on the physical part, rhythm, and tactics for the games. We are going to the Dominican Republic, and all this will help us get to the games with the best preparation possible. It is great that we can compete against teams,” said Ray Santana.

The coach confirmed that for the Central American and Caribbean Games he will count on Kimberly Villalobos, a player who plays in Division 1 basketball in the United States.

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