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“They are going to have first-world facilities, which must be taken advantage of to promote diving”: Rolando Ruiz

The diving International Technical Delegate (ITD), Rolando Ruiz, and the specialist for World Aquatics and the Central American and Caribbean Swimming Confederation (CCCAN), Eduardo Rueda, seemed pleased with the progress of the remodeling works of Complejo Deportivo El Polvorín.

After the tour of the sports venue, Ruiz expressed that the works being done are complying with the requirements of a competition of the caliber of the San Salvador 2023 Games, reason why he thanked El Salvador for its organization efforts.

“I appreciate the effort that are being made to save the Central American and Caribbean Games. You are going to end up with some first-world facilities, and you need to take advantage of them by promoting diving in El Salvador; this is something that we have already talked about with the Salvadoran Swimming Federation (Fedenat)”, Rolando expressed.

In this regard, the International Technical Delegate added that the work being done as a country for the organization of the games shows the degree of responsibility that the authorities have with the sport.

“What is being done is a serious work and that is why we are very happy. We came in August of last year, at that time we stated that some modifications had to be made to the installation and these requests have been considered”, confirmed Ruiz.

Eduardo Rueda, a specialist in sports equipment and representative of the company that will install everything necessary for the good development of the diving events, indicated that he has good expectations with the remodeling that is being carried out at Complejo Deportivo El Polvorín.


“The progress is going very well, the complex is keeping up with the times and that is good, there are many people working, and I am sure it will be spectacular. According to my experience and the company where I work, I can say that this will be a first class complex and will attract international attention”, Rueda assured.

Likewise, the Mexican specialist reiterated that as a distributor of top-competition sports equipment, he is confident that when installing each piece on the platforms, there will be no problems.

Observations have been made, but the construction company and the personal that is working on the project have been aware of this, as minor as they are. As specialists in high performance sports material, seeing our recommendations being considered makes us feel confident”, said Eduardo.

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