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“This is a top-level field”: Claudia Garduño, Golf ITD

With little more than 100 days before the beginning of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023, the golf International Technical Delegate (ITD), Claudia Garduño, visited the facilities of El Encanto Country Club on Wednesday, where the best golfers in the region will compete.

The Mexican delegate praised the conditions of the field, and recognized that the difficulty level will provide golfers that wish to earn medals with an important challenge.

“The truth is that this is a top level field, it will be challenging for the players, it has difficult holes that require strategy; this will make regional golf shine, and will bring out the best players. This is one of the most challenging fields I’ve seen for a competition”, Garduño expressed.

The tour was joined by staff from the Sports and Infrastructure areas of COSSAN2023, as well as the general manager of the Salvadoran Golf Federation (Fesagolf), Alejandro Lahrssen.

Garduño, who also serves as president of the Rules Committee of the Mexican Golf Federation, and is Women’s Chairman of the International Golf Federation, predicted a high-level competition at the San Salvador 2023 Games, in part, due to the complexity of the field.

“If I lived here, in this region, and I was a golfer, I wouldn’t stop coming to see these players. The best players of the region are coming to face quite a challenging field”, she reiterated.

On his part, Larhssen took the Mexican delegate’s appraisal with importance, based on the accumulated international experience.

“(Claudia Garduño) is an experienced person, she has participated as a judge of important events, in worldwide women’s tournaments. Our experience with her has been fabulous, she’s very collaborative”, Lahrssen mentioned.

Likewise, Lahrssen seemed satisfied with the golf field for the regional competition: “The facilities are great, in good conditions, with a challenging field at the level of the Central American and Caribbean Games”, Lahrssen expressed.

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