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“This will be the legacy that the San Salvador 2023 Games will leave to Salvadoran badminton”: Javier Orozco

The badminton coliseum located in the El Polvorín Sports Complex is about to receive its first official competition at the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023, so today it was visited by Javier Orozco, International Technical Delegate (ITD) of that discipline, who endorsed the work done in infrastructure. 

“It must be recognized that the infrastructure has a very good operational mobility. Let’s hope that by the time I come back, which will be close to the start date of the competition, everything will be ready for the games to start,” said Orozco.

The delegate stressed how important it will be for Salvadoran and regional badminton all the effort made in the construction of this official and special sports scenario for the practice of this sport, since the country did not have a facility of these qualities.

“Badminton did not have a sports scenario here in El Salvador, this will be the legacy that the San Salvador 2023 Games will leave to the country. These facilities are typical for this sport; El Salvador has Uriel Canjura, who stood out in this sport and who we hope will reach the finals in the individual competition, and this scenario is an extra incentive for him and the rest of his teammates,” said the international technical delegate. 

Regarding the observations, Orozco said that there are minor details that can be solved in the coming days and that they are more about functionality than infrastructure. 

“They are mostly adjustment situations, such as, for example, a couple more bleachers are needed, since we are looking for the fans to be comfortable and for them to see the court appropriately, We want a good level event to be developed as this sport deserves” explained the ITD. 

On his behalf, Eduardo Álvarez, general secretary of Centro Caribe Sports, indicated that the work done so far complies with what had been requested from the beginning and with the little time we had.

“Today we accompanied the international technical director of badminton to the inspection of this beautiful sports scenario, he made some suggestions regarding the capacity, ventilation, lighting, as well as the office facilities, but they are structural things, nothing to do with infrastructure. We are in a good phase and progress has been made on the most important things,” said Alvarez. 

The secretary added that during the visit in El Polvorín they took the opportunity to inspect cycling, swimming, and skating, stating that they are okay with the progress in the constructions of the five scenarios that will have different competitions. 

“The infrastructure works in this scenario have had a lot of progress, the pool is completely blue, we are seeing the floor placed here in the colosseum because table tennis will also be played, and we were also in the skating and cycling area, and we are doing very well,” explained the general secretary of Centro Caribe Sports.

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