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Taekwondo refines its kicks for the TK3

The Salvadoran Taekwondo Federation (Fesat) prepares its athletes for their debut in the TK3, or Team Kyorugi, a modality that went from being an exhibition to be part of the sport schedule for the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

Taekwondo will be hosted in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and its competitions are schedule to take place from July 4th to July7th this year at the Pabellón de Taekwondo del Centro Olímpico “Juan Pablo Duarte”.

For that challenge, Nassin Rodríguez, coach of Fesat, explained that they are already conducting the fourth technical check-up session with the group of athletes that are projected to compete in this new modality.

“We are working with eight athletes for the men’s category, and eight for the women’s category. We will finally choose three for each category. Not only that, but we have already performed the physical evaluation, and we also have a profile”, the coach and former athlete commented.

Fesat has scheduled a technical evaluation for next weekend, which will be crucial to define the three athletes that will represent the country in this modality.

The teams for TK3 are formed by three athletes, that will be identified as combatant 1, 2, and 3, plus a replacement if the coach deems it necessary.  

“The three team members add up to a total weight, and the combined weight of the men’s team can’t be more than 225 kilos. The women’s team can’t surpass the 195 kilos”, the national coach detailed.

A TK3 bout consists of three rounds of three minutes each. There are important rules in place, such as the first round having the combatant 1 of each team facing each other, combatant 2 against combatant 2, and so on, and so forth. For round 2, each coach can make strategic changes.

“The lightest athlete can face the heaviest; and, in order to make fighter changes in the second round, the athlete must have performed at least three kick actions”, the coach of Fesat explained.

Nassin Rodríguez also detailed that for the Central American and Caribbean Games, there will be two groups with three countries each, determined by a raffle and under a round-robin format. The two teams or teams with the best scores will move into the semi-finals. In case there is a draw, the winner of the team will be determined by scoring and warnings, among other criteria.

“TK3 is a new modality, and it is being promoted once again after the pandemic. We are preparing well; and in order to move to the semi-finals, we would need to win two bouts, with that, we would be securing a bronze medal”, Nassin Rodríguez said.

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