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Trampoline gymnastics ITD satisfied with Complejo Deportivo de Cuidad Merliot

This Thursday morning, the International Technical Delegate (ITD) for trampoline gymnastics, Margarita Zermeño, visited the facilities of Complejo Deportivo de Ciudad Merliot, the venue where this discipline will take place in the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

During her visit, the Mexican delegate was accompanied by personnel from the San Salvador 2023 Games Organizing Committee (COSSAN2023) from the areas of Infrastructure, Sports, and Press, with whom she discussed the final details for the start of the competitions.

During the tour, Zermeño was able to define the competition zones, awarding areas, delimitation of the public, attention to athletes, and press areas, among other aspects.

The delegate gave her approval to the Complejo Deportivo de Ciudad Merliot (Merliot Sports Complex), facilities that she said she knew previously and that she is confident will serve as a legacy for Salvadoran gymnastics.

“I already knew these facilities, and they are going to be excellent. Particularly, I, as a trampoline technician for the Pan American Union, would love to come back in one or two years and see that the Salvadoran school has already started a good project for trampoline gymnastics. We must take advantage of the legacy that the Central American and Caribbean Games will leave behind,” said Zermeño.

Regarding what can be expected from this discipline at the San Salvador 2023 Games, Zermeño was very optimistic and praised the virtues of trampoline gymnastics.

“It is said that trampoline gymnastics is an extreme form of gymnastics because they all have a peculiarity; in trampoline gymnastics, gymnasts jump up to six meters high. You can imagine an athlete doing doubles, triples, somersaults, and landing back on the trampoline; it’s spectacular,” she said, very excited.

The Pan American Gymnastics Union representative also highlighted the teamwork she has enjoyed with COSSAN2023.

“The work has been quite good, and you can see that the relationship is quite friendly. We all understand that if things are going to work out well, it is because we work as a team; there are no positions, distances, or anything; everyone has a function, and that function is fulfilled,” he said.

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