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Triathlon is ready to demonstrate its level at the Games – COSSAN

This weekend, the International Technical Delegate (ITD) of triathlon, the Mexican Irving Zavala, was in the country with the objective of verifying the conditions for the practice of this discipline in the Central American and Caribbean Games 2023.

Irving Zavala (at right), ITD of triathlon.

This Sunday in particular, Zavala attended the practice triathlon, a competition organized by the Salvadoran Triathlon Federation (Festri) in the Costa del Sol circuit, in which 35 triathletes (18 men and 17 women) completed a 1.5-kilometer swim on the side of La Puntilla, 40 kilometers on bicycle, and 10 kilometers of running, the latter on Boulevard Costa del Sol.

Zavala, in what will be his last visit prior to the regional sporting event, took the opportunity to suggest some adjustments to the circuit, in addition to seeing and analyzing, along with staff of the Festri and the Organizing Committee of the San Salvador 2023 Games (COSSAN2023), the development of a test that was very similar to what will be seen in the triathlon discipline in the games.

“Today’s competition is an event that served as a rehearsal through Festri and has been an event to make some adjustments to the course flows, which will be the same terrains featured in the event in July for the games,” expressed Zavala.

The Mexican delegate also highlighted the significance of holding the triathlon event again in the same venue as the 2002 San Salvador Games and predicted that it will be an event with many mixed emotions for athletes, coaches, and fans.

“It is a traditional circuit; here in Costa del Sol, several events have been carried out by the Salvadoran Triathlon Federation; previously, an edition of the Central American and Caribbean Games was held in this same venue (the San Salvador 2002 Games), and by retaking it for the 2023 edition, we know it will be full of sensations and traditions that will bring back to life the experiences of athletes who competed years ago and who are now perhaps coaches or are accompanying the new generations,” he said.

In addition, Zavala added importance to the competition, informing that in the triathlon event at the San Salvador 2023 Games, there will be athletes seeking to qualify for the Pan American Games Santiago 2023 and also within the ranking for their qualification to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

“We will have a very fierce competition, with high-level athletes from Central America and the Caribbean. Representatives from several countries will be competing in this edition and will be looking for a spot in the Pan American Games in Santiago, to be held later this year, and obviously they will be entering the ranking for the Olympic qualification. These games are very important for the development of the elite athletes who will be competing here,” he added.

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