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Venue and competition directors prepare to open the doors to San Salvador 2023

The technical staff of the Organizing Committee of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games held an informative meeting with stage and competition directors.

The purpose of the meeting was to work out the final details for identifying and controlling the reception areas for the public, athletes, VIP personnel, international delegates, and the media, among others, according to Felipe Flores, who is in charge of the seminar.

Flores showed the attendees the layout or distribution scheme of the stages to show the access areas for the media, athletes, public, referees, and judges in the different competition venues.

Genesis Granadeño, competition director of the diving discipline, highlighted the importance of the informative event. 

“Today’s meeting was useful for us directors to know how we are going to keep track of athletes, support staff, and each of their assigned places in order to ensure a better management of the competition,” explained Granadeño.

The registration of people for each stage will be done with a scanner that will read a code printed on the accreditation and verify the area assigned to the visitor. 

“We know that it is important to make people feel good, whether they are athletes, VIPs, or members of the press, to maintain a pleasant and comfortable environment, always in good order,” said the competition director, who acknowledged the fundamental role of the volunteers.

“We are going to rely on technical and general volunteers, as well as federation personnel. The role of volunteers is fundamental,” concluded Granadeño.

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