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¡Volunta Rally was a success!

Hundreds of young people came this afternoon to Complejo Deportivo Chapupo Rodríguez in San Salvador to participate in the Volunta Rally coordinated by the Organizing Committee of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games COSSAN2023.

More than 500 volunteers who have passed their general training stage for the San Salvador 2023 Games, which begin on June 23, were invited to the Volunta Rally.

The youth filled the sports facilities and for hours participated in different dynamics prepared by the COSSAN2023 Volunteering Area, which previously updated the data of the participants.

Present at the welcoming ceremony were COSSAN2023 General Director Dinora Acevedo, El Salvador Olympic Committee President Armando Bruni, San Salvador Municipal Sports Institute President Monica Fuentes, National Education Director Christian Aparicio, BANDESAL Project Manager Orlando Recinos, and National Youth Institute Deputy Director Felipe Flores.

“It is an activity that aims to bring together all the people that we have recruited to become volunteers. Much of this process was in a virtual stage, so this is the opportunity to begin getting to know each other and to put a face and voice to these people who will accompany us in the different functional areas,” said Acevedo.

The objective of the Volunta Rally, in the words of the director of COSSAN2023, “is to integrate, live together, get to know each other, and commit ourselves to the event” of the Central American and Caribbean Games.

Support from officials

Mónica Fuentes was the representative of San Salvador City Hall at the event. “On behalf of Mayor Mario Durán, I welcome you,” said Fuentes..

The president of COES, Armando Bruni, took the time to tell the volunteers that he was once a volunteer himself and that “it is an honor to be able to organize this type of activity,” he said.

BANDESAL is the sponsor of the Volunteer Program, and its manager, Orlando Recinos, expressed that “it is an honor to be one of the sponsors, and you will ensure the success of this sporting event,” he said effusively to the young people.

The Volunteer Program is also supported by the Ministry of Education. The national director, Christian Aparicio, thanked the volunteers for “the sacrifice they will make in this project”.

Finally, Felipe Flores, director of INJUVE, also motivated the volunteers: “With your help, everything will go very well at the games,” he concluded.

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