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Volunteering is also a family matter

It is no secret that family bonds are an essential part of anybody’s life, for better or worse. However, few people talk about the intrinsic value that those unique opportunities provide to make memories with our loved ones. And if this opportunity comes along with a shared passion, its value multiplies.

Ernesto and Diego Calles (father and son), and Andrea and Valeria Romero (sisters), saw the volunteering at the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 as that opportunity few people comes to understand.

And thus Ernesto, along with his son Diego, seeking to strengthen their bond as father and son, went last Thursday to a mall in the capital, where COSSAN2023 set up a voluntary sign-up kiosk, seeking to join the volunteering team for the San Salvador 2023 Games.

Ernesto said that sports are a passion that has brought him and Diego together in several activities, and they found in these Games the opportunity to learn and acquire experience in the sector.

“We are always looking to participate in activities together and see if our participation in these activities can bring something to the population. Better yet, if it is sports-related since we love sports”, Ernesto explained.

Diego, a sports-loving teenager, also seemed hopeful to be part of the huge volunteers’ family for the San Salvador 2023 Games, specially to experience first-hand what he has only been able to see on TV so far.

“This will help me to get experience, to know how it feels to be there. To be able to experience what I’ve only watched on TV so far, even if it’s just a little bit.; and to help other athletes to have everything they need at the Games”, Diego mentioned.

A sisterly volunteering

Andrea and Valeria Romero are sisters whose joy can be seen at first glance, and their personalities project this desire of sharing their joy at this regional sports event. They both go to the gym together, and they see a way to express their enviable energy through sports.

A few minutes later, and with a pair of joyful smiles, Andrea and Valeria arrived to sign up as volunteers. There wasn’t even the need to provide them with too much information, they were already set on joining the volunteering team.

To Andrea, the eldest sister, volunteering will be “a unique opportunity and experience. I think that it will open some doors for Salvadoran youth and athletes that aren’t part of a federation yet. It will also be a big opportunity for our country, I think it hasn’t only opened the doors for the economy, but for local talent as well.”

Valeria, the youngest one, sees volunteering as an outlet to express herself and to put her knowledge to the service of the Salvadoran sport family. “I’ve always had a spirit of service, and I think  that this is a huge opportunity to serve my country”, she expressed.

Before leaving, both of them expressed her desire to help as soon as possible, so they were included in a group of people that are already collaborating by training volunteers.

The Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 aims to bring sports to the families, providing them with an opportunity to celebrate together the most important sports party in the region, which will bring memories and unforgettable experiences to the Salvadoran society. Ernesto, Diego, Andrea, and Valeria understood it, now they will enjoy this family experience together.

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