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Volunteers are ready for action in San Salvador 2023!

The president of the Organizing Committee of the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 (COSSAN2023), Yamil Bukele, symbolically delivered the uniform kits and accessories to 1,500 volunteers who have participated and will continue to contribute in all functional areas. The event took place at the Villa Centroamericana y del Caribe, six days before the start of the competition.

The San Salvador 2023 Volunteer Department is proud to have a total of 4,300 registered volunteers who have provided their valuable service from the initial organization stage to the days of the upcoming competitions.

These volunteers perform essential functions in specific areas such as protocol, press, translation, psychology, medicine, and technical sports areas, among others, ensuring the proper functioning of all aspects related to the games.

“You (volunteers) are the backbone of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023”

Yamil Bukele

The kit given to the volunteers by the president of COSSAN2023 includes a satchel, two t-shirts, a cap, and pants, all uniquely designed and alluding to this important regional competition. These items not only represent the volunteers’ belonging to the team, but also provide them with comfort and protection while performing their duties.

It is essential to highlight and thank the help, hard work, dedication, and sacrifice of the volunteers, as their contribution is vital for the success of the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023.

“(We need from you) that same energy that characterizes us for being Salvadorans, that characterizes us when our “cheros” come to our homes, when we get together with friends to enjoy ourselves”

Yamil Bukele

From the organization to the day-to-day running of the competitions, each and every volunteer plays an essential role in ensuring that all areas run at their best, providing a memorable experience for athletes and visitors.

As we approach the grand opening of San Salvador 2023, the Organizing Committee continues to drive initiatives to recognize and support the volunteers who are an integral part of this historic event. Their dedication and commitment inspire us to continue working together to make the Games a success and leave a lasting legacy for our country.

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