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Volunteers receive training in Press, Protocol, Villa Management and NOC support

The classrooms of the Universidad Evangélica de El Salvador were filled yesterday with young people from the Volunteering Program for the specific training that the Press and Protocol staff of San Salvador 2023 carried out.

The day began with instruction in general culture, which was attended by approximately 150 volunteers who were prepared to answer any questions that international visitors to the games may have about Salvadoran culture.

The young people were instructed on topics such as Salvadoran literature, gastronomy, geography, history, economic development, and ethnic roots, among others.

“The idea of the training was to learn about the cultural richness of our country,” summarized Karen Catota, who is in charge of training the volunteers.

Afterward, the attendees learned about the attention that will be provided to journalists accredited to cover the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games.

The main topics were the distribution of sports venues into clusters for the collection and distribution of information through different digital platforms.


The trained volunteers will be assigned to the areas of video, photography, writing, social media, and media services during the games. The areas where they will also be able to collaborate within the sports venues are the press tribune, conference room, mixed zone, and area for photography and video.

Attention to personalities was also one of the topics of yesterday’s talks.

“The challenge of organizing games in a year and a half, details of the operation of clusters, venues, and sports arenas, and the importance of having your profile updated in the volunteer portal” were some of the topics discussed, mentioned trainer Efrain Aguirre.

Mayte Reyes, from the Volunteer Program, informed that yesterday the first group that will support the Villa Management Area was trained and that this team was joined by volunteers from the NOC Assistance Area for a tour of the Universidad de El Salvador.

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