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Volunteers successfully close activities prior to San Salvador 2023

Parque Bicentenario was the stage for Deportelandia, where visitors were able to practice some of the sports that will be featured during the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023, which kick off next week.

“We are culminating a series of activities, and there is no better way to close the sports party than with the volunteers of the program. I am satisfied and proud of the work as a team and the support of the different areas of COSSAN2023 to make this celebration possible,” said Alex Rodriguez, technician of the Volunteer Program.

One of the commendable results of this program is that in just 5 months, it has managed to recruit 8,500 volunteers, of whom 4,500 are already accredited and ready to start the San Salvador 2023 Games.

Deportelandia, this Saturday’s activity was supported by athletes such as Fernando Reyes and Israel Gutiérrez in the disciplines of athletics and shooting, respectively.

This program concludes tomorrow with an activation on the bike path of Boulevard Constitución and a conversation with Cristóbal Soria at Multiplaza.

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