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“We are happy to close 2022 successfully”: Dinora Acevedo

The year closes with a positive balance for the Organizing Committee of the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023, and its general director, Dinora Acevedo, promises many surprises starting next January.

In 2022, important advances have been made in the organization of the games such as the creation of working groups where logistical processes such as food, transportation and accommodation services for the delegations, infrastructure intervention in venues, volunteer program, marketing strategies, communications and the renovation of the Central American and Caribbean Village, to mention a few, are being prepared.

“We closed the year in positive, so we are happy. In this vacation period we all are affected, but this does not mean that our plans have been delayed at all. We are on a good path, the major purchasing processes have been worked on this year, and going into the new year we will continue buying, contracting services and the tools needed to complete the games”, said Acevedo.

However, the achievements in the organization of the sporting event are not limited to the internal, but go beyond. One of the goals achieved in 2022 is the creation of an Sports Board where different government organizations have joined the leadership of the president from COSSAN, Yamil Bukele.

Among these are: Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Governance, Ministry of Health, City Hall from San Salvador, Ministry of Finance, Autonomous Port Executive Commission (CEPA), Ministry of Environment, General Direction of Migration, Civil Protection Direction and Ministry of Tourism, and other government agencies.

Regarding the contribution of these institutions, Acevedo says: “the board has worked very well, we have the support from all institutions, some of them have resolved easily their contributions based on their level of engagement, while others are a more complicated, but in terms of strategy and commitment, all have joined this team”.

The opening ceremony for the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games is planned for June 23rd. But long before that, the national and international marketing campaign will begin in January, and our Director, Dinora Acevedo, is clear about the goal.

“One of the biggest upcoming events in January is the brand launch, I believe that will give us a great boost to promote the games and to convince the people, sponsors and all the world to be part of the challenge we face”.

Dinora Acevedo

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