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Works in the Villa Centroamericana y del Caribe San Salvador 2023 are at 50% progress

The president of the Organizing Committee for the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 (COSSAN2023), Yamil Bukele; along with the Minister of Public Works, Romeo Rodríguez; and the rector of the Universidad de El Salvador, Roger Arias; announced today that the construction of the Sports Villa located within the facilities of the university, are at fifty percent progress..

“The contractual term ends on May 29, 2023, so we are certain that everything will be ready for the start of the games,” said the head of the MOP, who confirmed that the investment for the works will be $48 million.

Bukele, for his part, explained that a total of 25 buildings are being worked on, including exterior works and circulation areas, 13 new buildings and 12 existing buildings to be remodeled, plus six additional complementary works.

“The investment that will be made will leave 75,000 direct beneficiaries, of which, 50,000 are UES students and the remaining 25,000 are high performance athletes, technical teams, lecturers, and staff that will use the facilities during the course of the games, where around 4,500 athletes will participate,” explained the COSSAN president.

The modifications of existing buildings that functioned as academic spaces have been temporarily transformed into lodging for the athletes who will compete in San Salvador 2023, an event that will be held from June 23 to July 8. 

The goal of these projects, according to Rodriguez, is to “create high-quality spaces that contribute to a comfortable stay for the teaching staff and students who use the facilities on a daily basis, as well as to provide adequate facilities for visiting athletes and their technical teams who will participate in the Central American and Caribbean Games in 2023.”

In addition to the work on the auditorium, kitchen and dining hall, the facades at the entrance to UES in the Sports Center, the faculties of Science and Mathematics, Economics, Law, Dentistry, Engineering, Plaza Minerva and University Welfare are also being improved, including the construction of access to the new buildings.

“We are working on the construction of internal pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Urban equipment, landscaping, installation of pipes of different diameters, construction of valve wells, pavement, concrete and paving repairs, repairs to existing cisterns and installation of fire hydrants will be incorporated,” said the head of MOP.

In addition, work is being done to adapt and improve existing infrastructure, which will include, among others: exterior and interior painting, cleaning, resurfacing or replacement of existing floors, replacement of ceilings, installation of missing glass lattices and damaged accessories, replacement of doors in poor condition, artificial lighting with LED technology, construction of new restrooms, showers and dressing rooms annexed to the housing buildings, and hydraulic installations in buildings.

“The dormitories will have hot water and air conditioning, all village guests will have access to free food during the three meal times,” explained the president of COSSAN2023.

Bukele also explained that there will be a cultural agenda to be organized within the Villa Centroamericana y del Caribe, where there will be stores or kiosks for the purchase of souvenirs, movie theaters, and tours to the Centro Histórico de San Salvador and to the interior of the country, such as the Ruta de Las Flores (Route of the flowers), for example.

“In the Villa Centroamericana y del Caribe, a security protocol will be activated for the wellbeing of the guests, who will have medical attention and clinical exams 24 hours a day during the games,” said Bukele.

On his part, Arias said that the university should have saved during 48 years to have an investment of this magnitude ($48 million). “We are going to find a first world university (after the intervention). The sports complex was practically in disuse due to the earthquakes that affected it, and we did not have the resources to rebuild it. Now INDES has taken on this reconstruction, and we will have spaces for our students to practice different sports disciplines”.

Likewise, the rector referred to the legacy that will remain for the country. “The infrastructure will remain for the Salvadoran people, for any sporting event in the region.”

He also highlighted the good relations between UES and the government to organize San Salvador 2023. “For us, it is to find that synergy of cooperation between INDES and UES, thanks to the vision of President Nayib Bukele and the president of INDES, Yamil Bukele”.

The Villa Centroamericana y del Caribe is scheduled to officially open its doors on June 17 and will consist of three different zones: the International Zone, the Residential Zone and the Operations Zone. 

The International Zone will have a commercial area and will host the welcoming ceremonies for the participating delegations.

In the Residential Zone there will be hairdressing and nail services, medical spaces for the National Olympic Committees (NOCs), meeting rooms bookable for NOCs, meditation room, entertainment area with board games and concierge. 

Guests will have access to high-speed internet, photocopying, printing, laundry,  and beverages. Offices will be equipped with a TV, furniture, a desk, computer, and photocopier.

The Central American and Caribbean Games will be held from June 23 to July 8. The opening and closing ceremonies will be held at Estadio Nacional Jorge “El Mágico” González.  

There will be 17 days of competition in which a total of 465 events will be held, 1,499 medals will be awarded, distributed in 465 gold, 465 silver and 569 bronze medals.

A total of 38 sports will take place, 32 of them and 45 sports disciplines in San Salvador, while six sports and nine sports disciplines will be disputed in the Santo Domingo sub-venue.

The Salvadoran team is expected to number around 550 athletes, plus 275 officials, including delegates and coaches.

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